"I just wanted to leave a quick note on how much I am enjoying the Chord Inversions and Triad course. I always wanted to learn the guitar fretboard and this course helped me do it!" Anton B.

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Learning triad and chord inversions will open up your playing in ways few other skills can.

By the end of the course you will be playing triads and inversions all over the fretboard creating better rhythm parts and adding incredible lines to your solos!

We will break it all down so you can add it to your playing quickly! 

Playing Horizontally, Vertically, Diagonally, In Solos, in Rhythm parts.. it's all here!

In the Inversions Workout you will learn:

✅ Chord Inversions and Triads

✅ Horizontal Inversions

✅ How to Combine Triads Across the Neck

✅ How to Create Exciting Chord Progressions

✅ How to use These New Skills to Create Melodic Solos!

✅ 7 Backing Tracks to Slowly Build up Your Skills and Fluency!

The course includes:

🎸 Over 20 Powerful Triad and Inversion Lessons

🎸 Tactics to Use Triads Across the Fretboard

🎸 Step-By-Step Video Lessons

🎸 Downloadable TABs

🎸 Downloadable Backing Tracks

🎸 Guitar Pro Files

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