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Welcome to Your Pentatonic Breakthrough!

Feeling stuck in the Pentatonic Scale?

Are you playing the same licks all day every day?

Ready to add some fresh sounds to your pentatonics?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, Pentatonic Breakthrough is for you!!!

Pentatonic Breakthrough is dedicated to breaking through the pentatonic plateau that so many players get stuck in.

You will learn how to navigate the pentatonic scale in every way (horizontally, diagonally, vertically) giving you the tools to create incredible pentatonic leads and solos as well as navigate the scale to make it not "sound" pentatonic.

These techniques will let you stay rooted in the pentatonic scale you know and love, but create lead lines and solos that are unlike anything you have played before.

In addition, I wrote an entire song and solo utilizing many of the concepts that we will break down so you can become a pentatonic master!

You are about to jump into absolute pentatonic bliss!

The course includes:

🎸 Breakdowns for Each Exercise

🎸 Step-By-Step Video Lessons

🎸 Downloadable TABs

🎸 Guitar Pro Files

🎸 Backing Tracks to Practice Over

Break Through Your Pentatonic Plateau!

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