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Add Angus Young's Signature

Style to Your Playing!

Legends Unlocked | Angus Young Edition contains 10 Angus inspired Licks that will inspire you and have you rockin' immediately!

You will easily be able to take these Licks, Ideas & Concepts, inspired by Angus, and make them your own!

The course includes:

🎸 Angus Inspired Licks and Phrases

🎸 Downloadable TABs

🎸 Downloadable Backing Tracks

🎸 Jam Along Section (I play Rhythm, You Play Lead!)

Get Ready to Rock!

✔️Focused, Easy to Understand & Impactful Lessons to get the Signature Angus Flair Into Your Playing

✔️Downloadable TABs

✔️Downloadable Jam Tracks

✔️Full Lifetime access

✔️Take it with you using the Teachable mobile app!

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